Save The Animals

Hey everybody! Go check out my new website for saving the animals at this address:

If you’re thinking about donating please do it on that website. This website will no longer be checked. So please go check it out!


Adoptions Again!

Hello friends it has been so long, but once again I have taken the money raised from the lemonade stand and from before and adopted a few animals! The Blue Footed Boobie, (Hehe!) a Gorilla, a White Cheeked Gibbon, and a Bonobo. So I thank you for all the generous donations that everyone has made we have accomplished a lot and i could not have done it without you. Thanks everyone!

PS: If you have no idea what the animals are than just look em up on the internet 


Today, the 8th of may i was on my school playground wen I spotted three baby bunnies under one of the steps to the main part of the playground! I called my teacher and had her call the maintenance. Don’t worry though one of the maintenance men said he knew how to take care of these wild animals. He also said he would feed attend to them and take care of them. Good thing. I believe if had not found these creatures then one of the lower grades would have done some harm, or possibly the mother died and they would starve to death either way something terrible would have happened. I think this shows that i truly am dedicated to saving the animals, I hope you think the same. In my opinion I think these small creatures are as important as we are, so in my brain I actually saved a couple live. This is important to me, so thank you for reading. 

– Benjamin Brody, May 8th 2012

Four Stars

First of all I want to say i am sorry I have been gone for so long, I was busy, did you miss me? Secondly, and i must brag i saw the uplifting film chimpanzee, four stars…

Review: The film is a heart-renching but yet uplifting movie about a baby chimpanzee (Oscar) that loses his mother, damaged by a rival troop of chimps and finished off by a leopard. (does not show damages.) Oscar does not think he can make it without his mother but when he starts to follow the troop leader they develop a special connection. Personally i liked the film because of the time laps in the nature, also some of the forest life they present is amazing. Rated G (general audience)

So like I have said before the first week (4/20/12 through 4/27/12) of the movie theywill make a donation to chimpanzees all over the world. So if you are not going to donate to me do it to them. R

Lemonade stand success

From the lemonade stand we have raised $74.05!!! Wondering what our next stunt will be? Bake sale!!! In the same place same time. But the main idea for this post is the lemonade. $74.05!!! All to the monkeys. This is just in my neighborhood. So thank you to everyone. Secondly a special thanks to: Gina Dimaio, (sorry if i spelled that wrong) Ann Cucolo,  Clara Cucolo, Shira Siegal and Jack Castillo. Thanks guys.

PS: Just because of this does not mean we need to stop lets keep going.